Charger 4G Surveillance Camera


USB charger containing a 4G camera allowing you to live view and record from anywhere in the world where your handset can connect to the internet. Using the free Android or iOS app.

What makes this camera different is that it does not need a WiFi connection as it has its own integrated 4g router with a standard SIM card, giving the user the option of using 4g rather than having to use the WiFi of the target location.

The camera is powered from the mains supply and as long as it is left plugged in it will carry on operating. Although this houses a concealed camera it can be used to charge a mobile phone or other USB devices. All functions are set remotely from the APP so there is no need to go back to the camera once placed. This camera is designed for ease of use and can be operated without any knowledge of networking but if you have any problems, we are here to help get you up and running.