USB Hub WiFi Camera


USB Hub WiFi Camera

HD Wi-Fi camera discretely housed in a fully functional USB Hub capable of charging up to 5 devices at a time.

This device looks equally at home at the side of your home computer or in the office. As it is powered from the mains the camera will be powered permanently giving you peace of mind long term surveillance.

As long as you have a internet connection on your handset you will have  remote access to view the camera in real time or to access the recordings made on the micro SD card.

Motion activation recording or manual recording and snapshots straight from the App.

When the Push notification option is selected, they will be sent to your smart phone, notifying you of any activity in the vicinity of the camera.

This is a state of the art surveillance camera that has been designed for ease of use and can be operated without any knowledge of networking all you need is your smartphone and the password for the WiFi network, then simply download the free App for IOS or Android and you will be up and running within minutes, but if you have any problems we are always here to help get you up and running.